Aéroport Charles de Gaulle, Paris, France ( Place 16F, flight n° BA315 ) 13h45 : After long waiting here I am finally in the A320 which leads me to my first step, London. I can hear the engine purr. The safety instructions scroll on small video screens above the seats. I feel the flying monster begin its implementation phase to the track that will make me take off to other lands, to my dreams ... I look at them carefully m² French, that I shall never see again for quite some time. We are now faced with the track and the thrust of the four reactors sink into my seat, the time to air approach. The engines roar again to take the iron bird at full speed, a little faster and more simply the craft flies. I am.

maximum speed : 550Km/h
T° : -1°C; 30°F

Heathrow International Airport London, ENGLAND ( Seat 53A, Flight NZ001 )

A few kilometers away from the Manche, I have flown for some time now, I sit in my new step. We relegate the French brand to choose the equivalent American Boeing. Air New Zealand had the great idea to place the first class cabin at the beginning. I think a little description is necessary, but first an important info: I will go more than 20 hours in a giant suppository accredited by Playmobil Airlines. The first classes therefore have wheelchair / bed spacious enough, with room to extend the legs ... Naive as I am, I looked from my seat the first row. Nothing, nothing and yet still nothing. I finally found the back of the plane my place, a narrow seat, stuck with 3 other tenants. Despite these "mishaps", I discovered with pleasure a screen embedded in the headrest in front of my neighbor. A priori we have access to movies, music and games. A lot of information on the flight (altitude, speed, precise GPS position ....) I'll try this a bit!

LAX International Airport Los Angeles, USA( Seat 53A, Flight NZ001 )

This technical stop was well deserved. After more than 11 am on the plane from London, to stretch their legs is a real pleasure:) The call lasts 2 hours, during which we stored in a room, relatively small, filled seats. I see off a table full of coffee, tea and other hot drinks. I rush over and shoves a hot tea. Fatigue starts to be felt, French time is 03h in the morning, American time is 20h. Once the pause is re-embark on the same plane, this time towards Auckland, 12 hours of flight. I try in vain to sleep on the plane but the narrowness of the seats makes me take positions rather unpleasant. Time passes slowly ... very slowly ... Finally we come to Auckland. We land at 6:30 am local time and the passage we are Monday, October 3. I pass customs without a problem, get my bag and I'll finally get some air. I arrived after so many hours by plane, I am finally! I burst out laughing alone in my corner at the Auckland Airport so I was jubilant.

Auckland, NEW ZEALAND ( CBS, Backpackers hotel , room 2107 )

I'll spend a night in a hostel, specialized travel. I took the morning to go find a few places and make my first trip to New Zealand. I leave tomorrow morning for my first Woof to Kaitaia in the north, I took the opportunity to buy my bus ticket. As you are wise I'll even share with you two, three pictures I took earlier. SkyTowerRueWeirdtree